Pots for violets - search for the perfect option

To grow flowers at home, you must adhere to the rules: timely watering, the choice of high-quality soil, a suitable pot for growing flowers. Most plants feel good in any type of soil. But there are also such flowers for which it is required to create special conditions. These include violets. In order for these wonderful flowers to grow and smell on the windowsill, you need to properly care for them. Particular attention should be paid to the pots for violets, on which the health of the flowers depends.

Features of the root system of violets

Under natural conditions, violet can be found in tropical areas, where the soil is replete with moisture and nutrients. Therefore, the root system of the plant is located closer to the surface and does not grow in depth, covering the land lump.

Violets on the windowsill

At home, the plant eats micronutrients that are on the surface of the soil, and absorb moisture from the bottom of the soil. Watering through a pallet is considered optimal. You can water the plant superficially, but at the same time you need to ensure that moisture does not get into the core of the flower.

Note! When surface watering plants are washed out of the soil useful substances and minerals. Violet will receive these substances with water, but their concentration will be different.

Florists are often interested in what pots for violets should be in order for plants to feel good. Before choosing a capacity, the size of the plant itself and its horse system is taken into account. The diameter of the upper part of the flower should be three cm larger than the diameter of the upper edge of the vessel.

The size of the root system depends on the age of the plant:

  • in a flower that is not yet one year old, the roots grow no more than 8 cm in diameter;
  • an adult plant has a root system with a diameter of 13 cm;
  • there are varieties with roots reaching a diameter of 16 cm;
  • diameter of mini-flowers not exceeding 7 cm.

Landing and transplanting

Before planting indoor plants, it is recommended to know in which pots to plant violets. Capacities must be selected correctly. Otherwise, the plant may become ill and die.

If the pot is too big, then this will lead to problems:

  • in the free space of the soil, the process of decay begins;
  • the violet will not bloom until the root system plaits all the soil;
  • leafy outlet grows too much.

The small size of the container causes diseases:

  • the plant dies due to insufficient nutrients;
  • the soil dries quickly and the roots do not receive moisture;
  • violets bloom weakly;
  • there are few leaves on the outlet.

Important information! The flower does not take root in a new place. In order to avoid problems, it is necessary to ensure that during the transplant the earthen lump remains intact.

Before planting, you need to correctly approach the choice of pot

What are the varieties of pots

When choosing a container for violets, you need to consider that the plant will need to be transplanted several times as it grows. For this reason, you will need to buy new bowls. Between themselves, the pots vary in size and type of material.

The size

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When choosing a bowl, take into account not only the diameter, but also the height. Most often, low capacities are selected. The size ratio is 2: 1. The diameter of the pot is twice its height:

  • for young shoots and for mini violets, pots are selected with a diameter of 5 cm;
  • for a plant that has bloomed for the first time, a container with an edge diameter of 10 cm is suitable;
  • adult plants will feel good in a bowl with a diameter of 12 cm;
  • large violet bushes will feel good in a pot with a diameter of 16 cm.


Pots for plants are made from the following materials:

  • Clay. It passes moisture and air well. Flowers in such pots feel comfortable, but they are not suitable for growing violets.
  • Ceramics is the same clay, which has only undergone additional processing by burning. The dishes have an attractive appearance, but do not pass oxygen to the root system. In such containers, the roots are able to grow to the surface. When transplanting flowers, the root system is injured.
  • Plastic. This is the cheapest material that has a wide color palette and a huge assortment of shapes and sizes. The surface of the dishes is smooth, which does not allow the root system to pester it.

Additional Information! The cost of a flower pot directly depends on the quality of the goods, the type of material and the design.

Designer pots

When choosing a designer pot, it is important to consider the sensitivity of the plant to the dishes in which it grows. It is best to pay attention to the original color and design of the outer surface of the bowl.


This type of dishes is a container with holes in the bottom. Such options are used only for temporary flower cultivation.

Specialized pots for temporary flower growing

Which pot is best for a particular flower

When transplanting a plant purchased in a nursery, it is important to know what size pot is needed for violets. It is best to choose the capacity, taking into account the parameters of the plant:

  • a flower with a diameter of not more than 6 cm requires a container with a diameter of 4 cm;
  • rosette leaves are up to 9 cm in diameter; the pot should be 8 cm in size;
  • a flower that has a diameter of 15 cm can be planted in a bowl with a diameter of 10 cm;
  • the leaves grew to 40 cm, the dishes are selected with a diameter of 20 cm;
  • for large bushes, a capacity of 25 cm in diameter is selected.

When planting young plants

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Young bushes of violets need to be transplanted several times as they grow. Only then will the plant develop well and repay lush flowering.

It's important to know! Each time before choosing a new container, you need to carefully measure the outlet of the plant.

When replanting old

Adult plants need to be transplanted from time to time. At the same time, they perform the following actions:

  • young shoots are removed;
  • change the soil;
  • pick up the pot according to size.

With different types of irrigation

When choosing a watering regime for violets, you need to know which pots are needed for violets with different methods of moistening the plant. If surface watering is planned, the plant is planted in an ordinary pot, which is complemented by a small tray.

For watering through a pallet, products that have a large footboard are selected. In this case, you can pour enough water into the sump. If the flower pot is placed in a pot, then you need to lay out a layer of drainage.

How to make a pot with your own hands at home

Most gardeners make pots on their own. To do this, use materials such as:

  • clay;
  • gypsum;
  • polymers;
  • cement.
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In the manufacturing process, do not be upset due to the unevenness of the product. Such dishes add a special atmosphere to the interior.

On a note! Pots for violets can be decorated with a tourniquet or straw.

Available materials

The cheapest and most affordable are polymers. To make the pot, they can be processed at a temperature that is obtained in an ordinary oven.

Pots made of polymer materials

If you use clay, you will need pottery skills. Otherwise, the product will not be durable.

Component list

For the manufacture of plastic utensils involved:

  • polymer;
  • glaze;
  • water
  • paints with brushes.

The finished product is dried in the oven at a temperature of 100 ℃.

Can I reuse the pot

Pots in which violets were grown can be reused. But it is important to properly process them in order to prevent infection of the plant.

How to clean

You can clean the violet bowl with any detergent used in the kitchen. It is important to avoid aggressive chemistry.

Additional Information! Some types of containers must be heat treated before being reused. To do this, use a conventional oven, heated to a temperature of 200 ℃.

How to fix

Only products made of ceramics or clay can be repaired. To do this, the polymer is melted, and with the help of the obtained liquid all parts of the pot are glued together. Other adhesives are not recommended because they adversely affect the condition of the flower.

If you consider all the tips for choosing pots for growing violets, it is possible to grow a fragrant flower. These plants will be a great addition to the interior.